Good Luck Charlie Episode 1: The Study Date


In the first episode, we meet the family. P.J. is the oldest boy but he is not very responsible or good in school. He likes music more than school. He has formed a band with his friend. Teddy is the older sister. She is smart, studious, and enjoys school. She is quite responsible. Gabe is the middle boy and often plays jokes on his family. He likes magic tricks, too though he is not very good at magic. Charlie is the new baby. She is nine months old. Gabe feels a bit sad that there is a new baby.

Their mom is a nurse in the hospital. She has taken 9 months off work to take care of Charlie. Today is her first day back to work. The dad, Bob, is the owner of a successful, small company. The children think it is funny that he is an exterminator, in other words, he kills bugs in homes and businesses. The mom is going back to work and it will be a chaotic day! If you need help, please click here.

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Video Segment 1A

The mom will go back to work at the hospital. She has not worked since the baby was born.

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Gabe does homework and Teddy's friend Spencer comes to the house.

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Gabe says something about Spencer to Teddy. She feels embarrassed. Emmett seems to admire Teddy.

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Gabe wants food because he is hungry. Then, there is going to be a big problem.

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P.J. will try to take his dad's mind off his pain. The dad needs to go to the hospital, but the mom will surely see them.

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The neighbor calls. Gabe is looking for food and someone to talk to.

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Gabe is feeling bad that there is a new youngest person in the family.

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Video Segment 1H

The dad got some pain medicine and is acting a little silly.

Post-Viewing Quiz

Bob is…
the brother
the dad


In this episode, the mom was worried about going back to work. Do you remember why? She was most concerned about Charlie, the baby. Then, the dad had an accident. He tries to hide the accident from the mom, but he cannot.

Who came to visit Teddy? Was she being studious or social?

When was the dad surprised? What happened to him?

Who does P.J. pretend to be?

In the end, is the mom surprised? Why?

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