Good Luck Charlie Episode 2: Baby Come Back


Teddy sees that her parents need to spend some time together, away from home. She suggests they go out to a dinner date to a restaurant. The boys disagree. They do not want to take care of the baby. They want to play games on their computer.

The mom is nervous to leave Charlie alone with the children. Teddy says that they should go. Unfortunately, P.J. is not very responsible. He has a problem when he cares for Charlie. Can you guess what will happen? If you need help, please click here.

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Video Segment 2A

Teddy says that her mom and dad need to leave the house for some fun.

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Video Segment 2B

The boys have other ideas as to how to pass the time.

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Video Segment 2C

Gabe is not very good with magic tricks. P.J. is happy.

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Video Segment 2D

P.J. wonders why the girl gave him the wrong telephone number. Was it an accident?

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Video Segment 2E

Bob knows the restaurant from his work. The kids look for the baby.

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Video Segment 2F

Gabe needs to do a bad magic trick so his parents do not look.

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Video Segment 2G

The kids are in trouble now. In other words, they have a problem!

Post-Viewing Quiz

The parents are talking funny because they spend too much time…
at work
with the baby


In this episode, the parents went on a dinner date. P.J. was not responsible and lost the baby. He met a girl in the park and forgot to be careful with the baby. The other children tried to help, but they could not find the girl who had Charlie. Later, they went to the restaurant to tell the problem to the parents.

Do you remember what happened next? Were the children successful in finding the baby?

After, how did the parents feel?

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