Martha Speaks Episode 1: The Cat Burglar


In the first episode, we meet Helen’s family, her pet dog, and her friends. Helen lives in a house in the U.S.A. with her parents and her little brother, Jake. One day, Helen feeds Martha alphabet soup for lunch. Many children love alphabet soup because the noodles look like the letters of words.

But for Martha the dog, the soup is very special. It helps her to speak like a human! At first, everyone finds this to be funny. But, later, they are tired of Martha speaking a lot. They want her to speak less. At the end, there is a big surprise. If you need help, please click here.

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Video Segment 1A

Helen's friend Truman comes for a visit. He has news about a problem.

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Video Segment 1B

The soup that the dog eats is very special!

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Video Segment 1C

The people are very surprised.

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Video Segment 1D

The family has fun with Martha.

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Video Segment 1E

Martha enjoys speaking.

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Video Segment 1F

Martha stops speaking.

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Video Segment 1G

The family is worried about Martha.

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Video Segment 1H

Martha needs to eat some alphabet soup now.

Post-Viewing Quiz

The alphabet is all of the…
letters that make words


In this episode, Martha was happy. But, she spoke a bit too much and became annoying. In other words, the family was bothered by Martha’s speaking. They screamed at Martha, and she became sad, not happy. Martha then became quiet. She no longer ate alphabet soup. Then, that evening, the family went to the movies. At home alone, Martha met the cat burglar! He wanted her to not bark, so he gave her some soup. Here are some questions for you:

What happened next?

Who came to help Martha and the family?

What caused Martha to speak?

In the end, is Martha speaking good or bad? Why?

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