Martha Speaks Episode 2: Martha’s Advice


In this episode, you will see more of Carolina, Helen’s cousin. A cousin is a family member. They go to the movies. Also, the students are preparing for a party at their school. The party is called “The Hokey Hoe-down.” They will wear special clothes to dress like a farmer or a person from the countryside.

In the town where the family lives, Martha is talking a lot now. In fact, she has fun giving people advice and opinions on the radio. She is the host of a radio show. But, the people do not know Martha is a dog! If you need help, please click here.

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Video Segment 2A

T.D. asks Martha to help him in class. T.D. says Martha ate his homework!
Truman listens to the radio.

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Video Segment 2B

Carolina is Helen's cousin. Fashion is very important to her.

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Video Segment 2C

Carolina and Helen go to the movies. But Helen's clothes are not good in her opinion.

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Video Segment 2D

Martha speaks on the radio!

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Video Segment 2E

Martha gives advice, but people do not know she is a dog.

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Video Segment 2F

Helen is worried about her clothes.

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Video Segment 2G

Everyone is listening to Martha's advice.

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Video Segment 2H

Helen is sad. T.D. wants her to go the the party at school.

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Video Segment 2I

It looks like everyone is trying Martha's advice.

Post-Viewing Quiz

Helen needs advice for…


In this episode, Martha was talking a lot. She gave people her advice. The people listened. They thought Martha was a real person! Martha gave advice about eating, playing, and many things. Helen, Carolina, T.D. and Truman had a party to prepare for. T.D. wants to dress in special clothes.

Do you remember what kind of clothes? Do you wear special clothes for parties at school? What happened next?

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