Word Girl Episode 1: Tobey or Consequences


Becky Botsford appears to be an ordinary girl who lives with her family in a home in a typical city in the United States. She has a mother, a father, a brother, and a pet monkey, Bob (not his real name). However, she is no ordinary girl. She has superpowers that she must hide from her friends and family! Her secret identity is WordGirl. She is from the planet Lexicon. Bob, whose real name is Huggy Face, helps WordGirl do good things to help people.

On the contrary, Tobey is a 10-year-old, evil boy genius who likes to create problems for people. His mother has technology that helps people defend themselves against him. Let’s hope that it works!

Beau Handsome is the host of the game show. Who will win? Who is more powerful? WordGirl or Tobey? If you need help, please click here.

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Video Segment 1A

Tobey appears to be a good boy but he is an evil genius!

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Video Segment 1B

Tobey is causing many problems.

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Video Segment 1C

WordGirl sees how many robots Tobey has. She is worried.

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Video Segment 1D

Tobey sees WordGirl has power.

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Video Segment 1E

Huggy will get help from the babysitter.

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Video Segment 1F

Tobey wants to play against WordGirl in the game.

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Video Segment 1G

WordGirl does very well in the game.

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Video Segment 1H

It seems Tobey is in big trouble!

Post-Viewing Quiz

Becky Botsford is really…
Tobey's sister


One thing that will be helpful for WordGirl: Tobey has a secret crush on her. In other words, he likes her smile and thinks she is both smart and pretty.

Will this crush help her?

Can you describe Becky (WordGirl)? What does she look like? What is her secret identity?

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