Word Girl Episode 2: High-Fat Robbery


Todd Ming, also called “Scoops,” is a reporter. He writes news for the school newspaper at the school where he and Becky attend. They are 10-years-old and in the Fifth grade. Scoops is always looking for an interesting story.

In this episode, he is writing about events in the town. The Butcher is not a very smart man. He reads the school newspaper and gets ideas for his crimes. WordGirl tries to capture him without giving away her secret identity. If you need help, please click here.

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Video Segment 2A

Becky (WordGirl) talks to a boy who writes news for the school paper.

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Video Segment 2B

A man creates a party in order to rob the bank of money.WordGirl needs to investigate the bank robbery.

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Video Segment 2C

At the local jewelry store, a rich woman wants to buy something.

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Video Segment 2D

There is free barbeque again, so it appears there will be a robbery.

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Video Segment 2E

The Butcher has robbed the jewelry store. WordGirl must catch him. Next, he tries to rob a restaurant.

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Video Segment 2F

Scoops is happy but does not know Becky is WordGirl.

Post-Viewing Quiz

Todd (Scoops) writes for the school…


Becky has a secret crush on the reporter, Scoops, but he does not notice. He loves his work so much that he cannot think about anything else.

Can you describe the reporter Scoops? What does he look like? What is his work?

Do you think he will find out that Becky is WordGirl?

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